Tadashi Hashimoto Artist Statement

In my sculpture, space is as essential as matter. The human predicament emphasizes matter while disregarding space, yet without space, there is no matter. My underlying motive in dealing with color in my sculpture is to heighten the sensitivity to the forces of space and its impact on matter. My current work presents a new dialogue with color in my exploration of sculpture. My recent sculpture, composed of cubic forms, reflects the merger and interaction of light, color, and the structural form. Using various tonalities of blue on adjacent planes, I have produced a dimensional luminosity, expanding the relationship between light and form. The natural light in this gallery is essential to the perception of how the painted sculptural form changes in light. My large-scale outdoor painted sculptures are influenced by the changing quality of light. The various tonalities of blue involve the viewer with the perception of dimensional color effects in the form caused by the interaction of light. The sculptures’ responsiveness to the changing light becomes an integral part of the overall structure. 

Grounding Sky and Sculpting with Blue
In the outdoor park surroundings, Grounding Sky, as viewed from afar or nearby, reveals a changing blue light quality in relation to the viewer and the sculpture in space and time. 
My recent sculptures have multi-angled surfaces painted in varied tonalities which visually amplify the effects of sunlight acting on their color.   Grounding Sky is comprised of interlocking timber beams that form a large open structure 3D grid.  The spaces articulated between the materials are key to my concept and process of both sculpting and painting with light and color.  
I paint with varied tones of a single hue on adjacent planes of the sculpture, experimenting with their relationships to produce light from the color interaction.  This new color/light is visually perceptible as an ambient glow beyond the 3D form of the sculpture, proposing color/light as the 4th-dimensional attribute of Grounding Sky’s multi-faceted sculptural form.
My current focus on the sculpture is the use of the sculptural form with the variation of tonality of color resulting in an additional aspect of sculpture beyond the 3D axiom. 
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